ADiO History

As a young pharmacist, Victor Swami always paid special attention to certain customers he served at a neighborhood retail pharmacy. Quite often, he would notice the discomfort on the faces of disabled patients…particularly mentally or developmentally disabled people or their caregivers.


Victor acted on his feelings for those patients, and future ones, and devised an innovative approach to serving their needs. His business model focused on service as a component that would be just as important as pharmaceutical accuracy.


As a result, Victor launched ADiO Health Management Solutions in Paducah, Kentucky in 2003. The local Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) was the first to trust Victor and his small staff to meet the needs of their clients. Today, patients at a third of Kentucky’s CMHCs have partnerships with ADiO for pharmaceutical services. Not only does ADiO supply medicine to the center’s clients, the company tracks the centers clinic/patient pharmaceutical history.


ADiO’s largest commitment to customer service is the presence of Customer Service Representatives at each clinic. Working in tandem with clinic staff, ADiO CSRs meet with each patient to determine their pharmaceutical needs and payment options. Adding the human touch to a patient’s clinic experience diffuses uncertainty and, ultimately, results in more consistent adherence to med schedules.


ADiO’s presence now includes full-service pharmacies in Paducah and Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Corporate offices are in a 6,000 square foot facility in historic downtown Paducah.