ADiO Health Management Solutions provides pharmacy, patient and consultant services for Medical Professionals and Patients associated with Hospitals, Mental Health Centers and Behavioral Health Organizations.

ADiO provides medical organizations with “ADiO Easy Access” – a low-cost way to provide consistent pharmaceutical services to their patients by fusing the services of the pharmacist with the latest Information Technology. Along with our exclusive pricing agreements, “ADiO Easy Access” reduces the cost of sharing information.

We empower healthcare providers with the ability to ensure their patients receive medications consistently. With a simple click of a mouse, any time of the day or night, “ADiO Easy Access” permits physicians to review the entire pharmaceutical patient history from any location. This enables Prescribers to better monitor patient responses with regard to a given pharmaceutical treatment.

Additionally, our “Pharmacy to Door” service helps to ensure patients receive and take medications properly. Patients with cognitive and memory disorders can receive medications without physically having to pick them up, improving outcomes and compliance.

ADiO Health Management Solutions… Making life better, one patient at a time.