Mission of www.adiopharmacy.com
The mission of this website is to provide the public with information about our company and general health information where applicable. Medical and health information on www.adiopharmacy.com is not meant as a substitute for a health care professional’s advice.  In using this site, you accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions stated below.


Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
This policy is to state that we do not collect any personal information. Our website collects cookies solely for purpose of using site analytics as a means to monitor the amount of site traffic. We do not share this traffic data with any entity, and it will not be sold to any entity. This policy applies to www.adiopharmacy.com.


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Disclosure of Website Funding Sources
ADiO Health Management Solutions (ADiO) funds the development, maintenance and hosting of www.adiopharmacy.com. ADiO is the sole source of funding: no other entities pay for, donate to, or contribute to the funding of this website. Associations, Societies, and Groups that ADiO may be involved with, or members of, provide no funding for this website, and offers for such will not be accepted. All content published on www.adiopharmacy.com is researched, written, and published by employees of ADiO and there are no outside interests which influence such.


Your personal browsing history on the ADiO site is anonymous. Through analytic services, specific data on location may be collected and used by the ADiO webmaster in an effort to monitor the target locations of the Pharmacy’s area of service.


We do not sell or rent any information online to any entities for any purposes.


Terms and Conditions
The reproduction of content from this website for commercial purposes is prohibited.  By using this site you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that the content on this site is not a substitute for the consultation of a health care professional.


Will this policy change?
Should changes in the Privacy Policy be necessary, the policy will be updated and a posting will be made that such change has occurred to give viewers the opportunity to review such modifications.

It is your responsibility to review the ADiO Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for changes.