ADiO Services

Working in tandem with health care providers, ADiO works with patients to
determine their pharmaceutical needs, including any special issues or
preferences. Adding the human touch to a patient’s medical experience
diffuses uncertainty and, ultimately, results in more consistent adherence
to prescription schedules. As part of the complete “concierge” approach
to filling prescriptions, prompt delivery runs parallel to the importance
of providing one-on-one customer service.

ADiO’s customer service doesn’t stop in the field. Our internal MedLine staff
regularly connects with patients to remind them of refills and to answer
specific questions about their medicine. As a full-service pharmacy, ADiO can
fill all of a patient’s medicinal needs…beyond what may be prescribed by their
specialist. By filling patients’ complete portfolio of prescriptions, our pharmacy
techs can closely monitor important factors such as drug interactions and compatibility.

ADiO currently operates two full-service pharmacies. Each pharmacy uses specialized technology
for individualized single or multi-dose prescription packaging. To ensure prescription availability
and prompt delivery, ADiO maintains business relationships with all major pharmaceutical
suppliers and shipping sources.