ADiO serves its prescription customers as a full-service pharmacy specializing in a niche market.  Since 2003, ADiO has served the needs of mental health center patients throughout Kentucky.

Today, our customer base spans four Community Mental Health Centers and their satellite offices.  With two strategically-located, fully-staffed pharmacies filling prescriptions, your patients’ drug needs are serviced accurately and efficiently.

In addition to cost-effective pharmaceutical solutions, Customer Service separates ADiO from other companies in the field.   Prompt delivery of a patient’s medicine runs parallel to the importance of providing one-on-one customer service.  We provide staffing at each major clinic served by a CMHC.  At each location, an ADiO Customer Service Representative works with patients to coordinate medicine delivery and payment options.

Customer Service doesn’t stop in the field.  Our MedLine staff regularly connects with patients to remind them of refills and answer specific questions about their medicine.  As a full-service pharmacy, ADiO fills all of a patient’s medicinal needs…beyond what may be prescribed at the CMHC.