About Us

ADiO’s largest commitment to customer service is the presence of Customer Service Representatives at each clinic. Working in tandem with clinic staff, ADiO CSRs meet with each patient to determine their pharmaceutical needs and payment options. Adding the human touch to a patient’s clinic experience diffuses uncertainty and, ultimately, results in more consistent adherence to med schedules.

ADiO’s presence now includes full-service pharmacies in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

ADIO's unwavering dedication to patient care is the reason why physicians and health care providers trust us to serve their patients. We uphold a long-standing legacy of patient care and success. We have always worked to help you attain affordable, quality, and compassionate care. Just as your physician prescribed without any hassle, pharmacists work closely with your health care providers to expand treatment options and improve outcomes. We don't say this to promote us but because we are accredited by nationally recognized institutions for quality care.