ADIO makes you feel right at home with a special dose of advanced medications, care, and support. Get to know us, and get to know the value we can bring to your family's life.


Oncology referral forms (Rx) make sending prescriptions to ADIO easy. Patients simply need to download the Rx form, type or print the appropriate information and fax to ADIO. We encourage you to e-prescribe to make the process even faster.

Once we receive the prescription referral form, we verify insurance coverage (including co-pays) and file the claim with the insurance carrier. ADIO provides prior authorization and financial assistance support for patient accessibility. Within 48 hours of receipt, the physician and patient are notified of the status of the prescription. ADIO contacts the patient to coordinate the delivery of the medication and to review their support services during the course of therapy.

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Managing the medication of the patients when they are on dialysis is so important. Often so, it's so confusing as to which medication is doing well and which are less important.Our team at ADIO is dedicated to caring for people living with renal disease. Our advanced medications slow down the progression toward dialysis in patients living with chronic kidney disease. They lead more active and fulfilling lives because of the kind of support we offer.

We believe that patients are not defined by their disease and everyone comes from different walks of life. While we are specialists in end-stage renal disease and patient prescription needs, we work to increase the impact of a patient’s dialysis medications and help them live normal life. We go beyond medications and take care of patients with renal disease. Our job is just about dispensing medications. We want to play an integral role in a patient’s coordinated care team.

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ADIO is a specialty pharmacy committed to meeting the needs of the patients undergoing organ transplantation. Our transplant pharmacists offer the top level of care and expertise for transplant patients.

Medications that we offer are highly advanced transplant medications. We understand that anti-rejection and post-transplant treatment are so complex, and that’s why we are so committed to the patient's overall wellness. At ADIO, patients are treated closely to monitor the timely intake of the dosages. Our team help patients deal with the side effects of hazardous drugs. Patients are given space to address any other challenges related to their medication needs

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Mental Health

As a contract pharmacy, ADiO specializes in working with patients who are served by a central clinic or institution. Since the company’s inception, the bulk of our partnerships has been with Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) across Kentucky. Starting with a three-clinic arrangement in our hometown, our scope of service now includes patients at five CMHC’s.

As a “closed door” pharmacy, our services extend well beyond those of the average retail drug store. Our partnership agreements include six key components of service:

  • On-site staffing by a trained Customer Service Representative
  • Data compilation for all meds prescribed for clinic patients
  • Coordination of clinic Sample Program
  • Coordination of PAP applications
  • Two fully-staffed pharmacies
  • Home delivery

In additional to mental health centers, our pharmacy services, Specialty Oncology, Dyalisis and transplant patients. As a LTC Specialty pharmacy we are also suited for facilities that house/treat patients with developmental and intellectual disabilities; assisted living facilities; men’s/women’s residential treatment centers; and oncology patients who need special care.

For more information on how ADiO can serve your CMHC, contact us at   270-234-8111

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