At ADIO, you’ll find kidney experts. They are specialized in serving all kidney patients, including people just diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, those on dialysis and people living with a transplant.

ADIO focuses on renal medications that help patients impacted by kidney disease. We believe that patients are more than their disease and each patient varies. While we are specialists in end-stage renal disease (ESRD), we work to maximize the impact of a patient’s dialysis medications to improve the overall health

Insurance & Billing

Our reimbursement specialists handle the coordination of benefits and are attentive to the economic condition of the patients. We gladly assist in prior authorization approvals and accept all insurance policies. We understand these medications can often be so costly and complex – our pharmacy team is available to be your advocate. We’ll work with your insurance company and the manufacturers of your prescription drugs to ensure coverage of your medication, or we’ll walk you through step-by-step options to receive financial assistance.

Medication Delivery

ADIO ensures that you receive your medications on time by providing complimentary nationwide delivery directly to your home. We also provide patients with a customized complimentary Welcome Kit that includes all necessary items for managing your medical condition.


ADIO provides medications for dialysis patients so that they can have a happy and fulfilling life. We value disease education and communication to improve your care and the effectiveness of your prescriptions.