Refilling Prescription

With modern technologies at ADIO, refilling prescriptions has become easier and faster. We offer online systems and applications that allow cancer patients to fill the form from any device.

ADIO has several convenient refill methods for patients to choose from. Here’s how you can refill the next prescription:

By Phone

If you are calling in a refill, use the number mentioned on the Rx label and follow the voice prompts. If you have any questions about your refill or your prescription, ask to speak with the concerned person at the counter, rather than using the automated system, to ensure your concerns are addressed.


If you are using the website, use the prescription number provided on the label and verify twice to ensure you entered it correctly. Verify the pharmacy address as well, so you do not accidentally ask for a refill at a different pharmacy location. Our automated systems will send you a text or an email when your prescription is ready for pick-up.

Drop off

If you have your paper prescription and you'd like to pick up your filled prescription from ADIO Pharmacy, just take your prescription label there. Refills can be filled the same day, even within a few hours, depending on how busy your Pharmacy is.

If you want to request Rx Refills for cancer, dial the toll-free number 855-853-4764 and the experts at ADIO will help you with refilling